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Christmas Club Products

For many years the savings we accumulated in our Christmas Club or Holiday Club afforded us ease in shopping for all those presents! They were in high demand all across the United States making the holidays a breeze. Today with the state of the economy, the coupon book is a great way to assist your customers in recreating this type of stress free holiday. In an age where credit cards are sometimes the only answer, Christmas Clubs or Holiday Clubs can make shopping easier without the pain of bills in January.

Some banks have already realized this is the time to reintroduce Christmas Clubs or Holiday Clubs. SSS Printing has recently seen an increase in banks re-establishing their Christmas and Holiday Club savings programs. Some of the reasons for this are the economy and the fact that the coupon book allows your customers to save money. It also brings them into the bank week after week giving you the opportunity to cross sell other products.

Coupon books also give your customers the flexibility to be in charge of their account. Unlike electronic transfers and automatic deposits, coupon books provide the ability to skip a payment this week and make two the next.

Take a moment to consider the idea of Christmas Clubs or Holiday Clubs again. Give us a call and we will be happy to make it happen for you!

Our Application Cards will begin your Christmas Club service with style! Applications can match the club design you've decided on, or you can mix and match designs to suit your taste.

Our full-color die-cut covers make your Bank and Savings Books look great! Here are some of our current designs:

You can complete your customers Christmas Club experience with matching payout checks:

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